Production Logging Service

Company provides full range of MPLT services using memory mode PLT tools including data interpretation.

MPLT survey is provided along with FlowJet pump service (in case of producers) when there is no other possibility to make well flow due to unavailability of Y-Tool or dual well head completion.

Company has got different types of the PLT tools and pressure gauges to provide complete well-reservoir evaluation such as:
  • Evaluation of injection-production profiles of the wells.
  • Determination of water breakthrough zones in producers.
  • Cross flow determination.
  • Well integrity evaluation.
  • Pressure build up survey (BUS).
  • Fall off survey (FOS).

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Parameters Range
Temperature sensor, C 0-180
Absolute error, C 0.5
Temperature sensitivity, C 0.001
Pressure rating, bar 0-600
Absolute error, bar +/-0.15
Resolution rating, bar 0.006
Gamma ray 0-50
CCL, s/n 5
100 mm FBS, m3/d 10-1,200
20mm inline spinner, m3/d 3.6-6,000
Heat exchange sensor rating, C 0-120
Capacitance rating, % 0-60
Fluid density, g/cc 0-1.25
Battery live, hrs 40
Tool width, mm 38
Tool length, mm 2,100
MPLT case studies
This example demonstrates fullbore spinner interpretation results in oil production well. The objective of the logs was to profile oil and water production from the perforated intervals.
Due to the good quality of the logs quantitative water and oil contributions within the intervals were successfully determined.
Example 1

Demonstrates fullbore spinner interpretation results in water injection well. High resolution injection profile provides detail contribution of every perforated interval.
The resulting total injection of 132 m3/d shows a good match with surface flow measurements of 127 m3/d.
Example 2

This plot shows great example of discrepancy of the flow detected by spinner across entire perforation intervals and Temperature readings which shows that the major injection goes to the second half of the interval
Example 3


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