Multichannel Noise Logging

Memory mode Multichannel noise tool is designed for well integrity and reservoir performance evaluation. Each channel of the tool is focused on specific elements of the well completion and reservoir zone.

MNL tool in combination with MPLT tool string is an ultimate reservoir and well completion diagnostics package.
  • Evaluation of injection-production profile of the wells.
  • Well completion integrity evaluation.
  • Cross-flow, channellings behind a casing.
  • Multiphase fluid evaluation.


Parameters Range
Temperature sensor, C 0-125
Pressure bar 250
Frequency 1 channel, Hz 20-600
Frequency 2 channel, Hz 600-3000
Frequency 3 channel, Hz 3000-20000
Power, V 3.6
Operating time, hrs 96
Diameter, mm 28
Length, mm 535
Weight, kg 1.5


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