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Many wells worldwide are completed with openhole horizontal or vertical sections within a consolidated reservoir with the expected production from entire length of the well. In fact, most of the time a production logging survey shows surprising results where only a part of the open hole section contributes to production or injection but the rest reservoir section is either idle, or shows insignificant inflow or takes small percentage of gross injected volume. This situation may happen due to either the difference in reservoir properties along a wellbore or high skin.

HydroJet perforation technology is designed for stimulation of openhole intervals of horizontal and vertical wells using power of high speed fluid jets generated by 4 perforator's nozzles. Nozzles have got a unique design to create tight and highly disruptive fluid jets with the ability to wash out a rock of reservoir to the depth of 2m creating highly permeable channels into formation.

Technology advantages

  • Highly permeable channels creation technique thanks to an unique design of the perforator nozzles to make good communication between wellbore and reservoir in certain non-producing zones within open hole section of the well.
  • Perforation channels length is up to 2m, diameter is 15-20mm depending on diameter of the nozzles.
  • Focused acid stimulation through perforator's jets in mature wells to stimulate less producing zones.
  • Well stimulation at an initial wellbore clean out stage right after drilling to destroy mudcake and bring well to better production level.

Hydrojet perforation video

Technology video