25.11.2011 Development of new cutting disc with milling surface for hydro-mechanical perforator to avoid collapse of casing’s slots.

15.06.2012 Development of deep penetration nozzles with the ability to create channels up to 2m to the reservoir.

22.02.2013 Company introduced EWL drilling perforator with the ability to take core samples for cased hole vertical wells. The penetration of a drilling bit is 90mm.

05.05.2013 Company is building a testing facility for a surface test of Hydromechanical and HydroJet perforators. The expected date of the test is September 2013.





Company performed successfully the perforation of the first horizontal open hole well in one of the fields in Oman. Twenty highly permeable channels of 2m in length each had been created.

Second horizontal open hole well has been perforated in Oman using HydroJet technology. Twenty eight perforation channels were created during 7 STOPS of perforator. Each STOP was around 40 min of duration. Significant amount of the rock particles noticed on shakers during perforation cycle.

First well was tested after HydroJet perforation in Oman. Net production is 399 bbl/d, gross production is 420 bbl/d. Looking forward for commissioning and testing of the second well after HydroJet perforation.

FMI has been done after HydroJet perforation in horizontal oil producer and confirmed existence of perforation channels. FMI data will be published later on.

North Side has successfully completed HydroJet perforation trial in Oman. 8 horizontal wells have been done. Production form the wells exceeded expectations.



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